The Gods

The pantheon is divided among the four elements. Before the Final Confrontation they were worshipped equally. However, with limited resources to offer in sacrifice, and the obvious necessity of a fire deity, the religious leaders of the Ashen Kingdom have made a conscious effort to focus almost exclusively on worshipping Ziztheth. There are individuals who choose to include other gods and goddesses in their worship, but there are no churches to any of the earth or wind gods. Besides Ziztheth, only Gurgell has a church, and it is a small community located exclusively in the Coast.


There are two earth deities, Permar the farmer and Ragar the mason.

  • Permar – god of fruitful earth and harvests
  • Ragar – god of stone and sand


There are four wind deities, Tumbrell and his three wives: Kricktek, Hechech, and Ssest.

  • Kricktek – goddess of the South winds
  • Tumbrell – god of the North winds
  • Hechech – goddess of the East winds
  • Ssest – goddess of the West winds


There are dozens of weak fire deities, but Ziztheth the Flame is the ruler of the Fire Realm. Ziztheth is a demanding god. He alone of all the fire deities has thousands of fire spirits, to attend to him and to carry out his orders.

  • Ziztheth – god king of all fire


There are three water deities, Gurgell and her son, Rell, and daughter, Wahill.

  • Gurgell – goddess of the ocean and sea
  • Wahill – goddess of lakes
  • Rell – god of moving water and springs

Of all the water deities, only Gurgell is worshipped in the Ashen Kingdom. Hers is the only watery voice heard in the Kingdom. Wahill and Rell are silent. Theologians debate whether Wahill and Rell are not present in the Kingdom, and thus fresh water has become tainted, or fresh water within the Forest is so tainted that Wahill and Rell cannot manifest within it.

The Gods

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