Mage Magic

Mages have a much larger personal pool. For each pip in extranormal or an elemental skill (3 specialized pips equal one pip), add one point to the pool.

For example: 2D extranormal and 3D fire and 1D+1 earth becomes 19 points.

Simply conjuring or manipulating an element does not cost any points. If the mage has a specialization that is not related to elemental manipulation, using that specific skill only costs one point. Regardless, a mage cannot cast any further spells once his personal pool is empty.

For example: a mage has a 3D in extranormal and 3D+1 in fire and specialized with +2 in “healing cursed wounds”. When attempting to heal said wounds, he spends 1 point, not 7.

When a mage wants to cast a spell not related to elemental manipulation, he must attempt to cast a complicated spell. Determine how many full dice are being rolled and subtract one point for each die from the personal pool. If a mage cannot afford the full cost, he may choose to remove dice from the roll until he can meet the cost.

For example: a mage wants to magically bar a door so it cannot be opened by a fae. He will be rolling earth magic and has a roll of 5D+1. He must have at least 5 points left in his personal pool to cast this spell. If he does, he spends 5 points and may attempt to cast the spell.

If a mage casts an unopposed spell and it fails, he only spends half the points, rounded down. If a mage casts an opposed spell and fails, he still spends the full points.

Mage Magic

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