Geography of the Ashen Kingdom

The location of the Ashen Kingdom is obviously the subject of much debate. The nature of the Endless Plane makes it unlikely that the citizens of the Kingdom will ever locate their point of origin. The Kingdom is bordered on three sides by the Forest. It’s eastern boundary is marked by jagged cliffs and the Foamy Sea. The Kingdom is only 345 square miles. Most of this is rich farming soil, but the eastern cliffs are used to raise goats and the southern hills are heavily mined for rich tin and copper deposits.

Geographic maps

The Kingdom is divided into eight states: Black Plain, Redwater, Hope, the Coast, the Northern Wall, the Western Wall, Green Hills, and Orchards. Each has a capitol city, and the capitol of Black Plain, Greystone, is the capitol of the entire Kingdom.

Political maps

The Kingdom is most defined by the presence of the Forest. It is held back with magic, constant counter attacks, and the palisade. The palisade is the enormous wall that surrounds the entire Kingdom. At the end of each War, the palisade is expanded as needed and blessed with a series of powerful charms. The palisade ensures relative safety from the dangers of the Forest, especially to the central states.

Geography of the Ashen Kingdom

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