Character Creation

Summer one-shot:

  • 60 pips in abilities
  • 30 pips in skills
  • 12 pips in special
  • 25 pips in resistance
  • No more than 6 points from disadvantages
  • An adv/spab/dis total no less than -6
  • Body points equal to a physique roll plus 25
  • You get an extra 6 pips in abilities if you add an image of your character.
  • You get an extra 10 pips in skills if you send me at least a paragraph describing your character’s past.
  • You get an extra 5 pips in resistance if you provide a clear character motivation. (Ex: greed, desire for knowledge, thirst for fame, etc.)
  • You get an extra 5 character points if you create a character page for yourself on the wiki.
  • You get an extra fate point if you provide enough world building that I feel the need to add a new page to the wiki.

Here’s a free PDF of the d6 Adventure manual. Use it for looking up specifics on skills and advantages/disadvantages, but I reserve the right to disagree with how something is explained in the book if it does not fit well with the campaign setting.

We’ll need to work together on any advantages or disadvantages taken. The following are simply examples. Feel free to suggest alternatives.

  • Debt 1: a large loan from a local guild, court mandated reparations
  • Debt 2: a loan from less reputable sources
  • Debt 3: membership in an intense Ziztheth cult
  • Employed 1: professor at the local mage academy, shipwright
  • Employed 2: serpent hunter, city guard
  • Employed 3: soldier, servant
  • Enemy 1: rich merchant, skilled soldier
  • Enemy 2: town mayor, local judge
  • Enemy 3: baron’s son, dean of the mage academy
  • Infamy 1: convicted thief
  • Infamy 2: cowardice in battle (never proven)
  • Prejudice 1: obvious signs of physical taint
  • Prejudice 2: son or daughter of a watermancer
  • Authority 1: courtroom bailiff, town guard
  • Authority 2: city official, head priest
  • Authority 3: minor noble, captain of the guard
  • Contacts 1: local shop owner
  • Contacts 2: wealthy socialite, local guild
  • Contacts 3: dean of the mage academy, Gurgell priesthood
  • Contacts 4: servant of Ziztheth, trusted adviser to the king
  • Equipment 1: bronze weapon or armor
  • Equipment 2: iron weapon or excellent armor
  • Equipment 3: minor magic weapon or iron armor
  • Equipment 4: magic weapon or minor magic armor
  • Equipment 5: trollmade weapon or magic armor
  • Fame 1: decorated soldier, great scholar
  • Fame 2: talented bard, minor philanthropist
  • Fame 3: war hero
  • Wealth 1: profitable shop owner
  • Wealth 2: successful ship owner
  • Wealth 3: wealthy rancher

Character Creation

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