Kale von Juntz

Earth Mage


Kale is a short, stout man of sturdy peasant stock. His face is heavily weathered, worn by his many years and crisscrossed by half a dozen faded scars. He maintains a short beard and usually has a pair of scratched spectacles perched on bridge of his nose.

In public, Kale wears plated iron armor and a heavy pouched belt. This is overlaid by layers of thick brown and tan robes, alluding to his status as an Earth Mage.


Kale is a favored enforcer of Baron Whittle and his family. Low-Born and Cliffside trained, he always been the rougher sort of mage. Kale was schooled for conflict and strife: not petty philosophy like the high-borns of Spark or artful enchanting like merchant’s sons at Magma Academy. His magic is dirty. Kale’s attacks are brutal blasts of earth and stone; his enchanting is designed for siege-works and ramparts, not the jeweled sabers of inner Kingdom lords.

Through years of dedicated service to the Lords of The Coast, he has established himself as a notably efficient and loyal leg-breaker. As a reward, he was named High Constable of the Baron’s household, and now protects the Whittles’ interests by hunting down criminals, dissidents, traitors, and the corrupt.

Kale von Juntz

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