Gwafa Goldiz

Leader of the Courier guild and trader of secrets.


Commoners know him as Gwafa, the Courier King. Gwafa Goldiz has amassed a surprising fortune for someone of so meager a profession, and he wears it lavishly with fine blue and green robes and golden jewelry. Gwafa wears his hair short, keeps his hollow face clean shaven, and carries an applewood walking staff. Now late into his 40’s, his reputation as an honest and reliable businessman has served him well.


When Gwafa was young, he delivered messages across Cape Pid for his father, a tailor. The messages became so regular that his father’s customers sent Gwafa on errands of their own, delivering messages and cargo farther and farther throughout the Ashen Kingdom. Always returning alive, Gwafa’s reliability and resilience became known throughout the Coast.

Merchant guilds and noblemen began hiring Gwafa as a courier, paying him well for his dependable and unfailing service. As his renown spread, Gwafa service in the military sent him into the Forest to make deliveries. It was from these treks that Gwafa learned why he had been so successful.

Gwafa has survived his harrowing and dangerous profession through luck alone. He has no delusions of immortality. Gwafa has seen far too many brave and skilled men die to the horrors of the Forest and the Ashen Kingdom to believe that he is anything special. When Gwafa enters the Forest, it is only through fate, chance, or some other entity that Gwafa lives to see the Ashen Kingdom again.

For many years, Gwafa saved his honest wages from his honest work. Gwafa has founded and established his own guild of couriers, the Gold Wings. Riding on Gwafa’s honest and reliable reputation, Gwafa’s Gold Wings are the most widely used couriers in the Ashen Kingdom, giving Gwafa access to valuable information.

Gwafa’s Gold Wings operate out of Cape Pid in the Coast, but he has outposts throughout the Ashen Kingdom. Gwafa has spent the past several years gathering a sizable force of skilled and fortunate (and weeding out the unlucky) men and women to work for him, and now spends the majority of his time monitoring the actions of his employees and dealing with merchant leaders and noblemen. No longer an appointed soldier, he still makes the occasional trip into the Forest for military deliveries.

Gwafa Goldiz

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