I do not know what she is. But for the first time since we arrived here, I pray not for salvation, but for death. If only she would simply kill us.
—Journal of Captain Wigram Terret

Every so often, though usually only in response to the renewed war, the Forest spawns a Witch. Witches have always proven to be female and humanoid. However, they are easily the most dangerous thing produced by the Forest. Most Forest dwellers are hostile to humanity simply by their nature. A Witch is sentient, holds complete command over those in the Forest, and actively seeks the destruction of the Ashen Kingdom.

Witches have many magical talents. Historically, most can change shape. All have demonstrated the ability to speak to both humans and the Forest. Witches have terrifying control over water and some have been able to summon storms. The worst military defeats in the history of the Ashen Kingdom are all the result of a Witch intervening or appearing.

Witches take great delight in torture and suffering. It is the highest mercy to kill an ally captured by a Witch. If the poor wretch is not burnt to ashes, what will rise is the most profane of undead.

The previous witch was known as the General Witch and proved more organized than previous witches. She trained the Forest to act against its nature and fight using true military tactics. Casualties were high early in the 43rd War because the Kingdom armies had no experience with such combat.


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