The Gold Wings Guild

Neither plant, torrent, curse, beast nor blackness of night shall stay these anointed couriers from their flight and the duties thereof.
– Gwafa Goldiz, Gold Wings Guildmaster

The Gold Wings is a guild of couriers whose network expands to the edges of the Ashen Kingdom. Sprung from the hard savings of Gwafa Goldiz, a freelance courier for many years, the Gold Wings is an organization dedicated to the reliable transport of information and cargo throughout the Ashen Kingdom.

Over the past ten years, the Gold Wings guild has seen marvelous growth in membership, functionality, and accountability. This growth is due largely to the establishment of smaller outposts spread throughout the Ashen Kingdom. These outposts are small, sturdy brick huts called Roosts, and they function as living quarters and rest stops for Gold Wing couriers. There are Roosts in the capitols of every state, along many of the main roads and travel routes, along the borders of the Kingdom.

Roosts are attended by a male steward and the steward’s family. The steward is responsible for feeding couriers, their goats, and any companions the courier has been appointed. Stewards also collect letters and packages (and fees) from clients. A percentage of the fee goes to the steward, a percentage to the courier, and the rest goes directly back to Gwafa Goldiz.

Gold Wing guild members go to great lengths to maintain the good reputation and accountability of their services. Couriers collect two signatures and seals from recipients of their services. They return one proof of receipt to the original sender, and the other is filed at guild headquarters.

Every month, stewards attend a gathering in Greystone, an event they call a Host. A Host is a closed meeting, but its dates are made public. Gwafa uses the Host to inform his stewards of the measures he takes to improve the guild’s relations and reputation among nobles, prominent merchants, and other guilds. Gwafa also rewards stewards whose Roosts produce more revenue and or are in especially dangerous locations.

After earning membership into the Gold Wings, guild members are given a ceramic amulet painted to resemble golden wings. The amulet identifies them to the public.

The Gold Wings Guild

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