Priest Magic

Priests have a very small personal pool. For each full die in extranormal or the fire skill, add one point to the pool.

For example: 3D extranormal and 2D+2 fire becomes 5 points.

Every time a priest uses his magic without a sacrifice to conjure or manipulate flame, expend one point. Once all points are spent, the priest cannot use his magic or even offer a sacrifice.

As long as a priest has at least one point left in his personal pool, he may pray for a miracle. His method is up to the player. The more appropriate the prayer and the more elaborate the sacrifice, the better it will be received. The GM will then determine a bonus or penalty and assign it to the player who then rolls to attempt the miracle. Miracles can be spells, not just the conjuration or manipulation of fire. This action does not expend a point of his personal magic.

The GM can consider the priest’s standing in Ziztheth’s eyes when deciding on a bonus.

Suggestions: make the sacrifice at an altar, provide a burnt offering, promise Ziztheth a boon or future payment, slay an enemy in his name, etc.

Priest Magic

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