Magic is used by mages and priests. Mages draw magic from internal reserves and become more powerful through training and research. Priests have a much more limited link to magic, but can boost that power by offering sacrifices to Ziztheth. The right sacrifice can produce more powerful magic then a mage could dream of conjuring.

Magic can be divided into four elements.

  • Earth magic is about defense and creation. Common spells are used to reinforce the palisade and help locate new ores of metal.
  • Air magic is about movement and illusion. Certain spells can be used by powerful mages to fly or become invisible.
  • Fire magic is about destruction and healing. Common spells are used to tear down stone fortifications and heal cursed wounds.
  • Water magic is about change and animation. Theoretically water spells could be used to alter the body or animate clay.

Centuries ago, research demonstrated that water magic itself is not evil, and spells worked on purified water did not invoke taint. However, it was decided that water magic was a single step away from serving the Forest and was banned.


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