Fighting Back

It is an unfortunate fact that organic life requires water to survive, let alone thrive. The Ashen Kingdom cannot use water directly, but there are ways to purify water and goods from the Forest, making them safe for daily use.

In the most direct sense, anything dangerous from the Forest can be rendered completely safe. A favorite saying from the palisade is “Nothing bad has ever come of burning it to dust.” If a plant or creature is unknown, standard practice is to burn the ashes until the wind carries them away.

The people have to drink water sometimes. There are several simple ways to purify water. It can be made into alcoholic beverages like mead or spirits. These are safe to consume, but rarely sate thirst fully and aren’t useful for cooking. If brought to a full boil, water is safe for consumption. All villages have a local who spends all day boiling large vats of water, ensuring a supply of safe water for drinking and crops. For true water, which is needed for certain spells and rituals, water must be boiled into steam and that steam condensed. Citizens prefer water to be served piping hot, even during summer months. It offers a sense of security. It is considered a sign of poverty or even of insult to serve cool or cold water to a guest.

Water is present in clay and mud, the most common building materials. Wood, harvested from the Forest, is also used for more than just fire. None of these building materials are safe to use in their raw state. Clay and mud are baked into bricks, which are then perfectly safe for use. Wood is stacked in massive smokehouses and smoked for days to dry the boards and purge the curse. Such wood is safe for ordinary construction, but is incapable of being holy. Churches and other sacred areas are built only of baked clay and applewood.

Simply spreading ashes can do good against minor harms. A circle of ash is known to be a barrier to the weakest Forest spirits. Throwing ashes, especially applewood ashes, at a fae or undead usually repels them. The homes and fields of the Ashen Kingdom really are ashy. Residents daily spread ashes from hearths everywhere. The practice has done a great deal for the Kingdom. Years of ash have make the soil fertile and help keep water subdued within the palisade.

Fighting Back

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