A trusted ally against the Forest

weapon (ranged)

Sasha can see as her wielder sees. She guides her wielder to draw the appropriate arrow when facing any enemy. She can draw arrows from anywhere within arms reach, not just a quiver.

Sasha is not easily fooled; it takes a powerful illusion to trick her intuition.


Sasha was carved and shaped by Hester Thorn, a bowmaker of modest means and talent. The bow was given to Hester’s son, Galvin Thorn, who served in the 41st War. Galvin was not a remarkable soldier, but he was a clever man. After the war, Galvin enrolled in Cliffside Academy and did well. He studied cryptozoology and learned a great deal about the Forest and its weaknesses.

As his graduating thesis, Galvin imbued Sasha with this knowledge. After graduating, he gave the bow to his younger brother, who went on to be a renowned archer.


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