Lux Bulla

A glowing staff with the power to repel the Forest


Any wielder who holds Lux Bulla can command it to produce light. The staff sheds pure white light as brightly as a torch. The light can be further focused into a thin beam or a simple diffuse glow.

Lux Bulla functions best in the hands of a mage. When driven into the ground, Lux Bulla can pull directly from the wielder’s personal magical pool. Lux Bulla produces a sphere of energy that repels all creatures of the Forest. The more magic that is drawn from the wielder, the larger the sphere of protection becomes.


Lux Bulla is one of the finest staves produced by Master Gimult, a weaponsmith and mage who studied abjurations. Lux Bulla stands above Gimult’s other creations, in fact it stands above almost any other magic item made since the kingdom was founded.

Many speculate that Gimult used some forbidden magic, and that the cloudy glass orb contains the source of Lux Bulla’s powerful protective charm. After all, there is no known means to repel all denizens of the Forest, yet the staff does just that.

Lux Bulla

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