A singing sword whose song does anything but sooth

weapon (melee)

Doomsong seeks out the wicked and yearns to sunder them. When struck, in righteous cause, against stone or metal, the blade sings. This song can be heard only by the wielder. The music produced tells the wielder much about what was struck. Most importantly, it whispers about faults and flaws. Generally speaking, the second strike by Doomsong can literally sunder a castle wall in half.

Doomsong can be used to sunder armor and weapons as well as fortifications. It works against natural formations or man-made ones. The strength of its song, and thus the strength of the second blow, seem directly related to the moral conviction of the wielder.


Three hundred years ago, a small meteorite landed on the outskirts of the kingdom. Alchemical analysis confirmed that the stone, some eight pounds in weight, was almost pure iron.

This starmetal was forged into several weapons. Doomsong was one such weapon. While most of the blade and grip are made of terrestrial iron, a thin core of starmetal runs down the length of the blade and into the hilt. While not intended to be a magical blade, the unexpected consequences of starmetal were greatly appreciated.


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