A sturdy goat just a few months from retirement


Champ was a young and powerful goat, with a rich coat and strong shoulders. He has proudly pulled the heaviest carts for years, but he is reaching the end of his prime. In a few more months, he would probably be put to pasture and encouraged to breed. This trip through the Forest should be his last ordeal before retirement.

Champ’s coat is stained and patchy after just a day and a half in the Forest. This is not uncommon for animals brought into the Forest.


Strapped to the cart, Champ is responsible for the protection and transport of the deployment’s goods, but he knows that while on the move he is near helpless against the horrors of the forest around him. The peasants assigned to his cart are little more than liabilities in combat, but still, Champ has come to value them as trusty traveling companions. He fears that one day soon it will come to a hard choice between the supplies and his new friends. On that day, Champ knows he may not be able to protect them, but for now he pushes that to the back of his mind, focusing on the mission at hand.


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